Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pakistan bound?

The Pakistan flood has been a terrible event and it certainly hits the top three in worst humanitarian disasters in living memory and eclipsing the Asian tsunami of 2006.

Got the initial tweet / email / sms from our Operations Director as soon as the news came through - this was about a week ago. Due to work and personal commitments, I was unable to go - other volunteers could and two teams of two departed for Islamabad, Pakistan. More details on the MapAction website. However, the situation has deteriorated with almost 1/3 of the country now affected and some 20M people in trouble. The mind boggles at these numbers.

A second call went out to see if there were more volunteers available and this time round, I had to say yes. Looks like a strong possibility that I will be going out in about a week as the operations director juggles the resources in-country on who goes where.

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